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The Old City
The Jewish Quarter
The Christian Quarter
The Armenian Quarter
The Muslim Quarter

Holy Sites
The Western Wall
Via Dolorosa
Holy Sepulcher
Dome of the Rock
Rachel's Tomb

One-day tours
Design your own audio tours
Best Old City sites

Modern Jerusalem
Chagall windows at Hadassah Hospital
Nahlaot and Machane Yehuda Market
The Israeli Parliament - the Knesset
The Israeli Supreme Court
The Menachem Begin Heritage Center
The Theodore Herzl Museum
Jerusalem Tourism: Monument to the Victims of 9/11

Israel Museum
Bible Lands Museum
Bloomfield Science Museum

Kids Activities


Jerusalem History
Ancient Jerusalem
The siege of Jerusalem
Jerusalem after the Babylonian Exile
First century Jerusalem
Jesus in Jerusalem
The fall of Jerusalem
Arab-Israeli war and the partition of Palestine

Where to Stay

Jerusalem hotels
Cheap hotels
The King David and Other Historical hotels
Kosher hotels
Pilgrimage hostels and guesthouses
Top luxury hotels
Youth hostels

Where to Eat

Restaurant guide

Restaurant Reviews:
Tzion Hagadol
Village Green


Transportation Guide
Getting around Jerusalem by bus
Getting around Jerusalem by car
Getting around Jerusalem by taxi
Going to Jerusalem from Ben Gurion Airport
Getting to Ben Gurion Airport from Jerusalem

Travel Info

Dates of Jewish holidays and official Israeli holidays
Facts about Israel
Israeli currency
Map of Jerusalem
Ancient Jerusalem Maps
Madaba Map - the oldest Jerusalem map
Modest dress
What to pack
The right gear for the City of David Hezekiah tunnel

Emergency numbers

Learn to Speak Hebrew
Basic Hebrew Phrases
More Common Hebrew Phrases
Hebrew Numbers
Hebrew Alphabet Chart
Ancient Hebrew Alphabet - Ktav Ivri
Ancient Hebrew Script - Rashi Script
First Hebrew Primer and Self-Study Courses
Rosetta Stone Hebrew Language Program
Learn Conversational Hebrew Online
Hebrew Language Study in Israel
Learn Hebrew Free - the Foreign Service Course

Other Destinations

Jerusalem Images

Photo Gallery
Slide Show

Jerusalem in Song

Jerusalem Song
Jerusalem of Gold
Matisyahu: Jerusalem (Out of the Darkness Comes Light)
Adamo's Jerusalem Song: Inch Allah
Tofaah's Jerusalem Song: Aye Yerushalayim

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