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Pictures of Jerusalem is a series of videos that present unique Jerusalem images in honor of Yom Yerushalayim - Jerusalem Reunification Day.


Come to Jerusalem and you might notice a few changes since this video was shot - notably, that construction on the light rail  has completed and you can now ride the  Jerusalem light rail from one end of town to the other. Here, we hop on in the city center and head to Mt. Herzl, where the Theodore Herzl Museum is located, next to Yad Vashem.

The music in this video is the traditional Jewish Traveler's Prayer. To download your own beautiful, free copy of the Traveler's Prayer, in Hebrew and English, click here.

Another video in honor of Jerusalem Day, Jerusalem Skyline lets you experience the views from the rooftop of the Aish building in the Old City of Jerusalem.  The hauntingly beautiful music is by Jerusalem band Tofaah.


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Please note that the images used in this video are presented for your online enjoyment only. Unless expressly stated otherwise, all photographs and videos on this site are copyrighted by or used under license. They are protected by international copyright laws. You may not save, download, copy, distribute or otherwise use them without prior permission. If you would like to use any photograph or video of Jerusalem you see here, please contact us.

Take Your Own Pictures of Jerusalem

calatrava bridge of strings in Jerusalem

No Youtube video can compare to taking your own photographs and videos of Jerusalem during your own trip.  If visual storytelling is a passion of yours, a photography walk of Jerusalem may be just the thing for you.  Led by a professional photographer, these walks take you off the beaten track and through hidden nature spots to help you find the perfect photo op.

Some of the walks focus on architecture, such as the one near the Knesset building of the Israeli parliament, while others let you discover natural beauties that many tourists miss, such as the Jerusalem Bird Sanctuary.

And if you're heading out of Jerusalem to Tel Aviv - there are photo tours there, too!

Click here for more information on photography tours in Israel or to book a Jerusalem Photo Walk.

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