Tofaah's Jerusalem Song:
Aye Yerushalayim

Jerusalem song ...

Some of the best contemporary songs of the Holy City are those of Tofaah, a unique Israeli band.

My favorite, Jerusalem Awakenings, and several other close runners-up, like Aye Yerushalayim and Crossroads – are by Tofa’ah – an all-women rock/jazz band based right here, in Jerusalem.

Tofaah band picture

Tofa’ah (which means Phenomenon in Hebrew) is a unique band in many ways. When the group got together over 25 years ago, it decided to adhere strictly to Jewish religious laws of kol isha, and thus perform only for female audiences.

Did this self-imposed restriction limit the band? Not on your life – they changed the world of Jewish music forever and have been performing to sold-out, standing-room only crowds all over Israel and the U.S. for more than two decades.

Tofaah’s mission is to spread light, joy and unity in a fractious land, so they make it a point to perform for audiences across the entire religious and political spectrum, with ardent fans that are as likely to be Ultra-Orthodox teachers as left-wing women’s rights activists, all of them united in Jerusalem song.

The band's roaring success doesn't only benefit the musicians - all the band members play for free. Revenues go to its non-profit organization, Tof Miriam, which supports and encourages women in the arts.

Whether they’re rockin’ at Israel’s largest concert hall or playing in the prisons, Tofaah’s impeccable musicianship is always accompanied by a bit of crazy, fun whimsy that’s bound to make you smile and let loose yourself. As you'll see ...

Tofaah's Jerusalem Songs

The band has many songs devoted to its hometown.

Here’s a video of the band having a bit of fun at the Haas Promenade in Jerusalem. The song – Aye Yerushalayim – simply celebrates their love of the holy city.

You can also listen to the Tofaah song Jerusalem Awakening on the soundtrack of our Old City slide show.

Download the original Aye Yerushalayim or Jerusalem Awakenings or the instrumental versions of the songs here.

Tofaah’s latest releases, one in English, Feel the Power, and one in Hebrew, Azamra are both phenomenal. Learn more about Tofaah and Jewish music at the band's website or download their albums from CD Baby by clicking this button:

If you’re a woman traveler, try to catch a Tofa’ah concert while you’re here – the whole uplifting, unifying experience is unlike anything you’ll see or hear elsewhere.

Tofaah's next performance

Simchat Beit Hashoeva Dance Party

Sunday, October 12, 2014, 20:00

2 Torah VeAvoda St, cnr HaPisgah, Bayit Vegan, Jerusalem

Free Admission!

> > Tofa'ah

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