Conversational Hebrew Online:

Really Learn to Speak Hebrew

If you want the best conversational Hebrew course - and really learn to speak Hebrew – do it with some of the best teachers in Israel, right in your own home. Short of coming to Jerusalem and taking Hebrew University's summer ulpan, The Rosen School of Hebrew's online program is, hand-down, the best course you could find anywhere.

Learn Hebrew online

Learn Hebrew online

It isn't even the comfort factor – it's the quality of the teachers that make this program stand out from all the rest. So much so, that Hebrew University of Jerusalem offers academic credit for the Rosen School's courses.

Picture this scene (True Story!):

The place, Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo, on a late summer afternoon.

Two middle-aged women are having cappuccino at a table overlooking the pond. One of them orders in Hebrew. The other says in English, "I'll have the same, please."

Which one lives here?

OK, you know it's a trick question. The English speaker lives here in Jerusalem, is taking Hebrew at her local community center, and has the opportunity to practice daily with everyone she meets.

The one who ordered in Hebrew lives in Canada. Two months earlier, she started the Rosen School’s introductory conversational Hebrew course online.

How do I know this? I was sitting at the table next to them, grinning ear-to-ear behind my novel, wishing I could video this conversation, so I could post it here for you to see.

Only you would have thought they were actors in an ad, the way they compared notes on their Hebrew language education and the Rosen School student came out tops every time – with better instruction, frequent easy access to her Israel-based teacher and faster progress. And, let's face it, she was the one who could place her order in Hebrew.

These two grandmas both wanted the same thing – conversational Hebrew skills – but one was way ahead of the other.

The Rosen School of Hebrew (formerly know as eTeacher) offers a unique experience in which they've brought together some of Israel’s best language teachers and modern technology to allow students all over the world to benefit from the high-quality instruction and its proven learning system.

Here's How the Rosen School's Conversational Hebrew Language Study Program Works

At the scheduled time each week, you log onto your computer and, through video conferencing, meet with a real teacher in Israel and a small number of other students.

Classes are recorded, so you can go over them again. This is like having private or small group classes in the comfort of your own home, but with the option of attending more than once if you've missed something or want to review.

Let's Get the Conversation Going!

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Learn Biblical Hebrew Online

If you're looking to deepen your understanding of Scripture, the Rosen School also offer Biblical Hebrew Online .

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> > Conversational Hebrew language study

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