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Here is our Jerusalem restaurant guide to the best places to dine in town, from cheap eateries to gourmet kosher restaurants. Eating in Jerusalem is a fascinating experience and we want to help you make the most of it.

Israeli food - marinated olive

Restaurants in Jerusalem – by their sheer number and variety – testify to Jerusalem's position as a cultural and geographic crossroad. They also highlight the many lands in which Jewish communities made their homes throughout the centuries.

When Jews returned home to the Holy Land, they brought with them ingredients and culinary influences from places as disparate as Poland and Cochin, Ukraine and Marrakesh.

Israeli food is truly world fusion cooking!

(Learn more about Israeli food and recipes here.)

There is always a new Jerusalem restaurant to try out, and no matter what kind of ethnic food you happen to be craving at this moment, you’re likely to find it.

Finding a place to eat is not the problem. The hard thing is which one do you choose?

To help you pick the best Jerusalem restaurant for you, we’ll be posting reviews of restaurants, eateries and cafes that we particularly like – some of them popular tourist hang-outs, but many of them you might not hear of otherwise.

Dairy Restaurants/Meat Restaurants/A Note About Kosher

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Tip: Before you head out for dinner, I suggest you stop at the reception of your hotel for one of several Jerusalem dining coupon books like "Jerusalem Menus" and "Jerusalem Coupons". These handy little booklets can get you as much as 10% off in some of the most popular places in town.

A Note About Kosher

All of the establishments included on this list are kosher restaurants (mehadrin) at the time of review, but certification is subject to change without notice – so if you keep kosher, please check the kashrut certificate of any restaurant in person. Be aware, too, that many restaurants are certified by multiple kashrut organizations, so be as specific as you can when you enquire.

Listing on this site is not a guarantee of kosher certification!

Kosher in Israel

An invaluable resource for kosher consumers contemplating visiting here, Jerusalem Kosher News is a blog about kashrus information in Jerusalem. (Click here if you're wondering what is kosher food.)

You might want to consider their unique tour of Machane Yehuda, Jerusalem's colorful produce market near Nahlaot. We're told that after one of the kosher Machane Yehuda tours, you'll never shop for food quite the same way again!

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