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Few topics attract as much attention as Israeli news.

This page pulls together all the major news stories Google News features on Jerusalem and Israel, making this your centralized Jerusalem news source.

In addition to all the latest headlines and stories from the major international news agencies, we also provide you with the ability to search for stories on any topic from the leading English-language Israeli news sources, The Jerusalem Post news and Arutz 7.

And, since this is your news source, you get to play reporter and editor, too! Do you have a scoop of important Jerusalem news? List it here.

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Local stories from The Jerusalem Post and Arutz 7 Israel News

Looking for more local flavor? Search Israel's leading English-language news sources, The Jerusalem Post and Arutz 7 Israel News, (thanks to Google's help) for any topic you want. This search supplements Google News, and even better, allows you to search for whatever you like.

Type your search in the search box below and click the search button. When you're finished, close the results box on this page (click the x Close button that will appear on the far right), so you can leave your comments or share your news below.


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