Jerusalem Photos

Enjoy these Jerusalem photos as they take you on a virtual tour of the Holy City. We've grouped these pictures of Jerusalem thematically and linked them to pages where you can find more information. 

madaba map of Jerusalem

This mosaic reconstruction of a 6-7th century map of Jerusalem found in a church in Madaba, Jordan, can be found in the Cardo.

Jerusalem Old City walls

The walls of the Old City near Jaffa Gate.

Cardo in Jerusalem

The Cardo was the main thoroughfare and market in Roman Jerusalem. It appears in the center of the Madaba map.

Wandering the streets of the Old City, you never know where they will lead you.*

A woman prays at the Western Wall. Would you like us to deliver your prayer at the Western Wall for you? It's free.

The Dome of the Rock, known as the Noble Sanctuary, is across the Temple Mount from the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Old City Jerusalem

Archaeological garden in the Old City, with views of the Mount of Olives.

The ramparts of Jerusalem offer a fascinating climb with great views.

The American Colony is but one of the many  Jerusalem hotels.

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How to Take the Best Jerusalem Photos

Jerusalem is a very photogenic city.  Whether you like taking picture of people, monuments, action, scenery or architecture, there is something here for everyone.

Since the city is built of Jerusalem stone, it is particularly beautiful at day break and at sunset, when the white stones glow to gold. (It's how the famous song, Jerusalem of Gold got it's name.)

If you enjoy taking photos off the beaten track and would like some professional advice and tips while you're at it, consider taking a guided photography walk.  An experienced photojournalist will lead you and your family through picturesque neighborhoods or hidden nature trails to provide you with some stunning photo ops. You'll go home with the best pictures of Jerusalem and some lovely memories.

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We hope these pictures of Jerusalem will entice you to learn more and, perhaps one day soon, come see for yourself ...

Please note that these photos of Jerusalem are presented for your online enjoyment only.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, all photographs here are copyrighted by and protected by international copyright laws. You may not save, download, copy, distribute or otherwise use them without prior permission from us. If you would like to use pictures of Jerusalem you see here, please contact us.

*Photo by G. Hardman, SXC.

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