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Our Israel travel tips from seasoned travelers to assist you in planning a great journey. Many of them are based on your most frequently asked questions. If you still don't find what you're looking for, ask us! Use the form at the bottom of this page, both for questions or to share a good tip of your own.

  • You can squeeze in most of Israel's major highlights in a two-week visit. If you must make do with a shorter stay, though, we recommend you spend most of your time in Jerusalem, first because there is so much here to see, and also because from here, you can easily visit nearby Bethlehem, Hebron, the Dead Sea and Masada.

  • Make sure you have all necessary documents for travel to Israel. (Click here for more Israel travel information on visas, immunizations, money, etc.)

  • Check out the weather in Jerusalem for the season of your intended trip and our list of what to pack. Also make note of our advice on modest clothing for Jerusalem travel.

  • Yes, you can bring your laptop – there are many free wi-fi hot spots in downtown Jerusalem, in the malls and even hospitals. Just make sure you have a well-padded case for it and safe place to keep it when you don’t feel like carrying it around with you (say, for example, when wading through Hezekiah's tunnel.)

  • Electricity: Israel uses 220 V with 50-Hz frequency. The electric outlets are either Israeli 3-pronged models (type H) and type C, which is the standard European two-prong plug.

  • If you have a student card, bring it with you – it can save you a bit on admission fees to museums and other attractions.

  • Should you bring your own sunscreen? If you're coming from the U.S., then yes – Israel is not a cheap country and there's a value added tax on consumer goods here. If you're coming from Europe, then prices are pretty comparable. This applies also to cosmetics, toiletries, and electrical gadgets.

  • Israelis have an undeserved reputation of being rude. Just like everywhere, there are kind people and others. Israelis aren't really any ruder than other peoples – you just have to understand the culture. Assertiveness is valued here: You will need to push to get onto a crowded bus, or you won't get on. That's not rude – it's practical. One of the best Israel travel tips I ever got? When getting on a bus, push assertively but gently and with a smile! To make up for this, there's a very fraternal feeling in Israel – we're all family – so things are pretty informal, strangers aren't shy about asking very personal questions and they'll go way out of their way to help you.

  • Be cautious about shaking hands when meeting people. In both Jewish and Muslim circles, men and women don't shake hands with each other. A smile and a nod will usually work, however, without causing any awkwardness.

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