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Finding cheap flights to Israel is in some ways much easier than it used to be, since you can compare the best fares available on the internet, find the best deal and book – all right from your own computer.

Fares to Israel vary widely, depending on a variety of factors. The high season for tickets to Israel runs from May through September, with peaks in mid-June and mid-August. The low season, when you’ll get the cheapest fares, is from November through March. Flights in the weeks immediately preceding and after major Jewish holidays tend to be booked well in advanced.

The safest way to get to Israel is undoubtedly with El Al, Israel's national carrier, which boasts a level of security that beats other airlines' hands down. It frequently offers the best fares as well.

To comparison shop more discount fares, compare prices on cheap flights to Israel at TripAdvisor.

Student Fares

Students are entitled to discounts on many airlines. Moreover, even when student fares are not cheaper, they usually are a lot more flexible in terms of changing travel dates and how long you can stay. It often pays to book your ticket through a company that specializes in student travel as they carry special deals.

Cheap flights to Israel still can't beat a Birthright trip, though. If you’re Jewish and between ages 18-26, click here to find out if you qualify for a free Birthright trip to Israel.

Stand-By Travel

If you’re willing to take some chances, have lots of patience and are not too particular about when you actually get here, you might want to consider traveling stand-by. Stand-by travel means you only get to fly if there’s an available seat on the plane when all the other passengers have checked-in. In practice, this means significant savings on your fare, but the very real possibility there may be no room on the plane and you’ll have to try again for another flight. But for some people, paying less than half-price more than makes up for the stress and inconvenience.

To travel stand-by, call the airlines and ask about their policies. You should be aware you may have to make a last-minute dash through Ben Gurion Airport on your way home, since you aren’t allowed through security until you have a confirmed seat. And that confirmation may come only minutes before the flight takes off. You get what you pay for – and take your chances!

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