Organized Tours of Jerusalem

Tours of Jerusalem can have you strolling through shady neighborhoods, hiking, riding the bus or whizzing on segways. No matter where your interests lie, you'll find organized Jerusalem tours that cater to you, whether it is archaeology, holy sites, or modern history that moves you.

Joining an organized group tour of Jerusalem is an economical way to learn about the city's many-layered history. You don't have to worry about transportation or itineraries or any other logistics. Just choose a tour, book it and you're set.

Most of these tours include bus pick-up at Jerusalem hotels and will return you to your hotel at the end of the tour as well. They are led by licensed Israel tour guides.

Let's have a look at these tours of Jerusalem that highlight diffent facets of this fascinating city.

Tours of Jerusalem

Jerusalem Old City Tour

Jerusalem Old City wall

This half-day tour of Jerusalem start on the Mt. of Olives, takes you through Gethsemane and into the Old City, for a tour of the four quarters with a focus on the important religious sites that make this small area of the main spiritual destinations in the world.

This tour is perfect if you have just a little time to visit or you have other plans for the afternoon.

Learn more about the half-day Jerusalem Old City Tour.

City of David and Underground Jerusalem

Western Wall in Jerusalem

This one day tour highlights the ancient Jewish heritage of this great city.

The tour starts Mt. of Olives then heads to the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, where it spends time on the excavated Herodian homes discovered under the modern buildings. Then it heads to the Western Wall, its southern archaeological excavations, and the City of David.

Learn more about the City of David + Underground Jerusalem Tour.

In the Footsteps of Jesus

Mt of Olives in Jerusalem

Few places have so many important holy sites concentrated in so small an area as the Mt of Olives.

This eight-hour tour takes you through many of the Christian sites there (including most of the ones listed here), and among other sites, includes the garden of Gethsemane and the Pool of Bethesda. It culminates at the Via Dolorosa in the Old City.

Learn more about the Footsteps of Jesus Walking Tour.

Jerusalem Old City Walls by Segway

segways in Jerusalem

Circle the walls of the Old City on Segway, for a unique tourism experience.

In one of the more unusual Jerusalem tours, you'll cruise in small groups of 2 to 4 people outside of the Old City, along the ancient walls, through Jerusalem's beautiful Municipal Square and then explore the alleys of the Christian Quarter.

Learn more about the Segway Old City Walls Tour.

Armon HaNetziv Promenade by Segway

Segways in Jerusalem

Take a guided tour of the scenic Armon HaNetziv Promenade, which includes the Hass Promenade and the Goldman and Sherover Promenades.

The area has its own fascinating history, but it is best known for the incredible views of Jerusalem that it offers.

Learn more about the Armon HaNetziv Segway tour.

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