Israel apartments:
Jerusalem Apartments for Vacation Rental

Israel apartments are a great choice for the most privacy during your stay – and to experience what living in Israel can be like.

Instead of feeling like a tourist, you can pretend you’re a local, a real insider: stroll to the corner grocery in the morning for fresh pita and leben, hang out on your own balcony, enjoy the quiet of a residential neighborhood. If you’re traveling with children, Jerusalem apartments for vacation rental are often the best option, since it gives kids a sense of home away from home.

You'll get to see a side of Jerusalem most tourists never do - the local parks, the neighbors, the storekeepers; feel what it's like to blend into the native scene and wonder at how you can feel serenely right at home while living in the world's holiest city.

Here is a selection of higly-rated vacation rentals for a stay in Jerusalem. (Click here for Tel Aviv apartments.) As Jerusalem is not all that big a city, many of the apartments you’ll find available for vacation rentals are located within walking distance of most major attractions. If they aren’t, they’re at the most a short bus ride away.

Click on the link below the image to get more details about each rental, as well as reviews from people who have actually stayed there. Each Tripadvisor detail page will also allow you to contact the apartment’s owner directly.

By4u living room of jerusalem rental Israel apartments - Talbiyeh rental
BY4U - 3 beds/2 bath, sleeps 6Talbiyeh - 2 rooms/garden,
sleeps 4

Jerusalem rental-Colony Suites Israel apartments - Russian Compound
Colony Suites - sleep 6Russian Compound Condo, sleeps 3

Apartments in Israel:German Colony Cottage Israel apartments - Ein Karem
German Colony Cottage, sleeps 4 Magical Ein Karem, sleeps 6

Click here to find more vacation rental apartments in Jerusalem, with reviews.

Jerusalem apartments:vacation rental for 12 Israel apartments - Rechavia rental
Upscale house, sleeps 12Rechavia kosher luxury, sleeps 7

Jerusalem apartments: Ariela vacation rentals Israel apartments - 160 year old vacation rental
Ariela's, choice of apartmentsRenovated 160-yr house, sleeps 6

Jerusalem rentals: stylish 2 bedroom Apartments in Israel - Ein Karem cottage
Style in city center, sleeps 5Ein Karem cottage, sleeps 2 adults, 3 kids

Jerusalem rentals: Nachlaot house Apartments in Israel - Jerusalem city center
Nachlaot home, sleeps 8Luxury in center, sleeps 8

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