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A journalist and a licensed Israel tour guide, Janet has guided in Israel for over 25 years, and she still enjoys showing the country to newcomers.

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“After so many years, I cannot think of two professions that could have been more challenging,” she smiles. Perhaps she still sees the country through rose colored glasses, but she always ensures that a tourist understands life behind the scene: the region, the conflict and the interesting tapestry of life. Janet’s in-depth tours are rich in content, and she brings the history and archaeology of Israel to life.

A tour of the Old City of Jerusalem explores the 4 quarters filled with Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Armenians, trying to make sense of this hodge-podge of people and their traditional attire. One must also go underground and delve back in time to understand how the city has been built, conquered, destroyed and rebuilt throughout over 3,000 years of history.

“A visitor to Jerusalem also needs to stand on her high places and overlooks, trying to understand the lay of the land before going into the Old City,” according to Janet. A visit to the Haas Promenade or a trek up to the Mt. of Olives helps to put Jerusalem into perspective before walking into one of the gates of the city or climbing on the ramparts of the Old City.

Janet moved to Israel from North Carolina over thirty years ago, and she finds that both Jewish and Christian tourists benefit quite a bit from getting an historical perspective in understanding Israel's past. Peeling back the layers, she manages to bring the country to life for the entire family.

Her specialty tours include the Dead Sea and Judean Hills; the 4 quarters of Jerusalem; chessed tours in Jerusalem; and Changes in Mahane Yehuda and Nachlaot, among others.

Some of her favorite walking tours of Jerusalem are listed here.

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