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Jerusalem's favorite beauty products delivered to your home!

Ahava products are Jerusalem's favorite beauty products – you'll find them in every pharmacy as well as in the several Ahava stores in town. Made with healing Dead Sea salts and minerals, the products are manufactured about an hour's drive out of Jerusalem, on a hill overlooking the Dead Sea.

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Dead Sea salt beauty products – and Ahava's in particular – are favorite gifts from Jerusalem. There's a good reason why. The products are made with mud from the lowest point on earth, rich in skin-beautifying and joint-soothing Dead Sea minerals.

The Dead Sea – in Hebrew, Yam Hamelach, the Sea of Salt – is the lowest point on Earth, and the lowest sea on the planet. The Dead Sea is unique in its salt and mineral contents. The concentration of salts is so high, that you can't actually swim in the sea – you can only float. The shores of the sea are rich in a deep, dark mud with healing properties.

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Dead Sea salts have been hailed for their health effects since antiquity. Herod the Great built one of the first health resorts in history on its shores. Spas continue to line the shore to this day, and people come from all over the world to soak in the mineral baths. These are particularly effective for skin conditions like psoriasis, rheumatic joints and sore muscles.  In fact, Israeli health insurance funds will cover stays at the Dead Sea for people with psoriasis and other related health conditions. 

We try to go down at least once a month, but that's not always possible, especially if you don't live in Israel.  Luckily, Ahava products are available online, so you can bring the benefits of the Dead Sea right to your own home.

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Ahava Products From the Dead Sea

We're big fans of Ahava beauty products.

They are manufactured in a laboratory overlooking the Dead Sea and provide all the Dead Sea's healing properties in high quality, rigorously tested hand creams, bath salts, body scrubs, facial products for women and men and a whole line of anti-aging moisturizers and treatments. 

Some of their products are especially soothing for the discomfort of psoriasis or dry, itchy skin, such as the mud packs and liquid salt.

If we can't get down to the Dead Sea to soak in its waters, we can still get similar soothing benefits at home from some of our favorite products.

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