Jerusalem Advertising:
The effective way

Jerusalem advertising doesn't get any more targeted than this. started as a labor of love, simply to share our passion for this city.  Over the years, it has grown, attracting visitors from all over the globe, as well as locals looking for information, which provides you with a unique Jerusalem advertising opportunity.  We reach:

  • 30,000+ unique visitors a month and
  • Have generated 100,000+ shekels' worth of business for our partners in the last 18 months

The unique flavor of our site is personal, not commercially driven.  Many of our followers and subscribers to our newsletter are long-time followers, repeat visitors to Jerusalem, or already live here.  They are overwhelmingly:

  • Intelligent
  • Highly-educated
  • Financially secure and
  • Intending to come to Jerusalem within the year. 

Our visitors are exactly the audience you want to reach.

Contact us to receive an advertising kit and discuss which option will best suit your needs.

Display Ads = Targeted Jerusalem Advertising

We offer a limited number of display ads each month.  These are banner ads that appear in the right-hand column on most of the 200+ pages of this website. 

That's tremendous visibility 24/7/365, reaching readers who are specifically looking for Jerusalem-related information.

Ad rates are based on ad format, size and prominence, site-wide or specific page choice.

To receive an advertising kit with website visitor demographics and ad rates, please fill in the form here.

Sponsorship and Specialty Ads

We also offer tailor-made, well-priced, targeted advertising that reaches your customer both, during the crucial months of his or her trip-planning stage, and while your customer is here in Jerusalem.

Our exclusive sponsorships offer Jerusalem advertisers the opportunity to grow their business in their individual sectors of Jerusalem's tourism industry -- without competing with each other. 

Because we want to maintain our site's personal feel, we limit the number of sponsorship opportunities to one Sponsor per industry category per month.

Jerusalem-Insiders- seeks a small number of partners who want to join us in creating triple-winning promotional relationships that are a win for you, a win for our visitor and, therefore, a win for us.

To receive an advertising kit with website visitor demographics and ad rates, please fill in the form here.

Interested in a Sponsorship?

We are accepting a limited number of sponsorship applications, one in each tourism industry category (for example, real estate, high-end apartment rental, boutique hotel, tourist activity, 5-star restaurants).

You must be offering a truly outstanding product or service.

Contact us by completing the form below and together we can design a Sponsorship program that:

  • Builds your brand

  • Direct-response market your product right to your target audience.

To receive an advertising kit with website visitor demographics and ad rates, please fill in the form here.

Still not sure?  Here's why you should be advertising your Jerusalem business online: 

Many travel-related businesses still focus on offline advertising in the local free magazines and coupon-booklets that visitors pick up after they've arrived in Jerusalem.  But by the time tourists see those ads, they've already booked a hotel, a rental car or made arrangements to meet their friends at the latest hot restaurant.

Reaching your potential customers before they arrive through traditional advertising in overseas publications is expensive, geographically limited, and ephemeral:  even the best PR piece today in a magazine will be in the recycling bin by next week. 

The worst part about print-media advertising is that it reaches your target customer when he or she is probably not thinking about your kind of service at all.  The ads intrude in whatever article she's reading at the time -- not when she's planning her vacation.

And more importantly, this strategy ignores how people plan their trips today.

Travelers use the Internet.

On, your advertisement reaches your customer precisely when she is actively searching for Jerusalem-related information in your sector, be it affordable hotels, a nice place for dinner, or where to shop.

Our website reaches exactly the kind of highly-targeted customers you want, and more of them, globally, 24/7 every single day of the year, delivering the results that you want from your advertising dollars.

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