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Happy Birthday Israel!
May 05, 2014

Today, May 6, 2014, the 5th of the Hebrew month of Iyar, Israel celebrates its 66th birthday.

Fireworks, parades and dancing in the streets are taking place all over the country. In honor of the day, we've culled some videos that highlight why this day is different from all other days.

Strengthen your relationship with the State of Israel, feel the hand of history, glow with pride and inspiration ... and perhaps shed a tear for all that led to this point in time.

Watch David Ben Gurion declare the founding of the State of Israel - original footage from 1948.

Faith and Destiny: The Miracle of Israel is a fascinating documentary that looks at the years 1945 to the 1948 declaration of independance.

And this inspirational offering features 66 Israelis delivering a powerful message for Yom Ha'atzma'ut - Israel's 66th Independence Day.

It is because of that first Yom Ha'atzmaut that we are here to deliver your prayers to the Western Wall in Jerusalem for you. (Your prayers are strictly confidential and are deleted from our system as soon as they are delivered to the Wall.)

This is a free service that we consider a privilege to provide. Jewish tradition, however, teaches that prayer and charity, together, have the power to change Divine decrees. So please consider super-charging your prayer with a donation to our charity fund for disabled children in Jerusalem. Your donation, however small, will help provide much needed services, therapy and medications for severely disabled children in Jerusalem.

Happy Birthday, Israel! May you all enjoy this wonderful day, whether you're here with us, celebrating in Jerusalem, or wishing you were!

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Blessings from Jerusalem,
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