Visit to the Tomb of Chana Rochel of Ludamir

by Bonnie Linder
(Kiryat Arba)

Join other women to visit the grave of Chana Rochel of Ludamir on her yahrtzeit - the anniversary of her death.

This fascinating woman, also known as "The Maiden of Ludamir" lived around 150 years ago and was the only female Chassidic "Rebbe" to date. She was born in Poland after her parents received a blessing from a Rebbe to have a child. Most girls in her era received a minimal Jewish education but as the only child of a wealthy couple and an enthusiastic pupil,she excelled in her studies.

The details of her life are rather hazy. Her mother passed away around the time that Chana Rochel was engaged to be married. That was a major trauma for the 12 year old girl. She became more connected to her studies and with nature, wandering the hills around her town.

Gradually her "powers" were revealed as well as her empathy and the charity that she distributed to the needy of her area. After her father passed away,she purchased a shul. Thus, she had a venue for "sholosheudes" (the third meal on the Sabbath day) for women and a place in which to teach.

In her early fifties, she made aliyah - moved to Israel - and lived in Jerusalem. When she passed away,she was buried on the Mount of Olives. A few years ago,a new tombstone was erected, making the grave easier to find.

Two years ago,a friend of mine asked me if I knew any women visiting Chana Rochel's kever on her yahrzeit. This inspired me to get a group together. Last year,I also went with a couple of women(they found me). Now that I've more or less "learned the ropes",I'd like to bring another group.

Har HaZeitim - the Mt. of Olives - is an amazing place.There are thousands of fascinating people who lived in Israel and were buried there.It was the major Jewish cemetery in Jerusalem for centuries, so most of the major figures in our nations' history are buried there. Because of its great holiness, many people from the Diaspora also chose to be interred there.

Our tour would start with Chana Rochel's grave and some words on her teachings, along with time for our personal prayers. Then we plant to go on to the graves of a few other inspiring women.

When: Sunday June 30, 2013

Where: The Mount of Olives,leaving from the Jewish Quarter parking lot

Time: 4:30-7:30 p.m.

Tickets: 50 shekels

Whom: For women only

Contact: Bonnie Linder 02-996-3240

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Jun 28, 2013
sounds like a unique experience ... NEW
by: Anonymous

Sounds like a unique experience ... so many women buried there whose lives we know nothing about ...

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